Giving All to Bandage the World


she sits
her face void of all expression
her hands clasped quietly in her lap
but if you can look into her eyes,
you can see her heart open before you
she wants to take the world into her arms
and make everything all right
but she sits
as the knowledge of her inability to do so
haunts her

she stands
her face hidden in her hands
and if you can pry into her mind
you can see her thoughts laid bare
she’s torn between giving all to bandage the world
and keeping it to comfort herself
so she stands
as her unwillingness to sacrifice
haunts her

she steps
into an unknown journey
her face torn between tears and laughter
and if you ask for her story
you will hear the rhythms of grace in her voice
she wants God to take the world through her arms and hold it
in his love
so she goes
as her faith in his ability to do so
sends her



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