Poetry Friday: Wandering Gypsy


I wrote this poem during a fantastic vacation to the Smoky Mountains.  I loved how just miles from the touristy Gatlinburg you could lose yourself in the solitude of the mountains.  Sometimes you just need to get away from all the noise.

Wandering Gypsy

i am the only human
in this corner of the planet
miles away from
flashing brake lights
smoking exhaust pipes
blinking LCD screens
rotating billboards
“stop and see us”
“thirty dollars for a great show”
“dinner included for an extra fifteen”

but I have pushed my little maroon PT Cruiser rental to its limits,
demanding it deliver me to the mountains
ordering it up steep inclines and sharp turns
before abandoning it like a used lover
on the side of the road
to trek out on my own
i rush across wooden bridges,
suspended by screws and chains
and hurriedly leap over giant smooth stones—
sleeping dinosaurs in this tumbling foam of flowing water
perched on a large egg of a rock
i am cradled by its speckled curves
if i can pry myself from the sweet coolness
and the siren song of the waterfalls
i could hurry back over these abandoned behemoths
and climb the slopes to the chimney tops
of a forgotten hideaway
i could forge for berries
and bathe in the river
and build a shelter from fallen branches
and i could hideaway here
run away from all the screaming
lights and pipes and screens and billboards
live like a wandering gypsy of the chimney tops
and forget all the day-to-day bustle i left behind


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