Yearly Escape From Prison


A fountain stands
surrounded by sprouting young trees
sand-colored cement benches
white blossoms pushing out of wreathed bowls
crimson canopies shading green café tables

Its large goblet swallows up cool waves and pushes them over the rim
above, the clear periwinkle of the sky,
absent of the clouds which normally splash their way onto that blue canvas
around, four smooth walls, carved from granite
to create that imposing structure that surrounds this bit of sunshine and space

I spend my days imprisoned in that beautiful, finely crafted building
scurrying through ornate halls,
holed up in tiny rooms with no windows
and once a year,
I escape—
find they key and unlock the door to this secret garden
being birthed into life by a splashing fountain
I sit at the fountain’s feet
hating to tear myself away from
this budding oasis

The jingle of the prison keys
tinkles in my ears
calling me back to my concrete prison
I wonder who it is that locked me inside so long ago
what mystical power they hold over me
and who it is that permits this yearly holiday

My eyes climb up the slick, granite walls
trying to imagine a way to contort my heavy frame up those blocks
and escape my prison


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