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Were Adam and Eve cave people?


Were Adam and Eve cave people?

That’s what I was asked by a kid at church recently.  Let me back up.  At Kid Connect we believe it’s important to involve kids in the learning process, so we encourage them to ask questions.  We don’t want to be that teacher calling out the standard fill-in-the-blank questions looking for “Sunday School answers.”  So, throughout the worship experience kids have the opportunity to write down questions.  We take those questions and the inspiration leaders (our large group teachers) address those questions in the teach time.  As you can imagine we get some awesome questions.  Teachers have three options when they read a question–they can answer it themselves, challenge the kids to come up with the answer, or they can put it in the “Expert Box” for me to answer later.

As you can imagine, I get some very interesting questions.  And so it was that last weekend during one of our venues our inspiration leader pulled out a question and read “Were Adam and Eve cave people?”  There was a moment of awkward silence.  Then she looked up, smirked at me, and laughed “Well, that one’s going in the Expert Box.”

Thanks a lot.

Here are some of the other questions I’ve been asked:

  • Did God know Santa?
  • How do we love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, when we’ve never met him?
  • How was the “big bang” made?
  • How many people die from hunger in 24 hours?
  • Why did the women not get treated fairly?
  • Why are people mean?
  • Can I beat up people?
  • What does God look like?
  • How do I get people to stop hitting me?
  • How does hope spread?
  • Can God stop school?
  • Why didn’t God just wipe out sin instead of making Jesus die?
  • Why are some churches so big and fancy and some don’t have a playground?
  • What do you do when there are a lot of people annoying you?
  • When you get baptized is it like falling back into Jesus’ arms?
  • How do you tell someone you are afraid of about Jesus?
  • Why do people think it’s all about money?
  • Why do people bully?
  • Does God have a Holy Spirit in himself

Wow!  Right?

So, it’s time for you to get involved!   What questions have kids asked you?  Or, what questions do you have that you’ve been too afraid to ask?  And how would you answer these questions?

Across Continents


I drive down your crowded streets
20 people in a taxi meant for 14
bright pink stucco
painted to complement
a cell phone logo
in between:
corrugated tin shacks,
dried mud huts,
small brick sheds—
different places you call home
rubbish fills your three foot gutters
I watch people grill bananas
over gas stoves on the street
prepared bananas piled high
on a bed of peels
right there on the concrete
I walk through a maze of shades and shapes
but all of them unique from me
and they call out “muzungo”
like a magic charm or a witches curse
I’m not sure which
like they somehow believe
that I hold all the
I think such naiveté
must surpass my own
in this complex puzzle
I sit in the sun
watch a young girl twirl and bounce
to the steady rhythm of the blaring bass,
glance over and catch my brother and his wife
sweetly loving each other
across continents, cultures and colors
and think
I may never understand this place
but there is a beauty here
waiting to be appreciated


Top 25 Reasons to Be Single


Tonight I’d share with you an old post–one I originally wrote several years ago.  It’s been a favorite for many of my friends, so I thought I’d share.

While visiting a friend several years ago, we went to see the movie Last Kiss, not really knowing all that much about it.  Whew, let me tell you, there is a lot of stuff in that movie that I did not need to see!  Anyway, the whole movie was pretty much a commentary on the decline of meaningful, committed relationships in our society.  And by decline I mean, the complete and total absence of.  Now I’m not promoting this movie, and I certainly don’t agree with everything in it; but it got me thinking about my commitment to being single.  I mean, besides the whole God thing, I’m discovering a lot of reasons to stay single, and I thought I’d share them with you all.  (Note to my married friends: try not to get too offended by this blog, you know I love you . . . and your spouse.  Note to my single friends: it’s time to celebrate the blessings you have and stop obsessing over meeting your Mr. Right!)

Top 25 Reasons I’m Glad I’m Single:

1. No one will ever be upset that my plans for dinner involve cheese, crackers and not much else.

2. I can go for days at a time without shaving my legs–and no one will notice.

3. I’ll never have to learn to fall asleep to the sound of snoring.

4. I’ll never have to consider whether or not my husband will like the new shade of red I just dyed my hair.

5. I will never have to allow a video game to enter my house as a way of balancing out the money I just spent dying my hair red.

6.  The Princess Fiona ogre that comes out at night when I take off my makeup and sleep with seven crazy hair care products in my hair can remain my little secret.

7. There is no one to be jealous of my workaholic tendencies.

8. My teddy bear doesn’t care if my pajamas are more comfortable than sexy.

9. Men are so much more loveable when you can admire them from a distance and never have to deal with their dirty laundry on the floor.

10. The toilet seat always stays down.

11. I get to drive.

12. I always get to pick where I go for vacation.

13. No one judges how many purses I have.

14. Or pairs of shoes.

15. Or pieces of jewelry.

16. No one cares if I hog the covers.

17. I can spend grocery money on dance classes and not feel guilty.

18. I get to be introduced by own name instead of as Mrs. XYZ.

19. When I’m lost, getting directions isn’t a battle I have to fight.

20. There’s no one to notice how often (or should I say, how rarely) I dust.

21. There’s no one to imply that I should be the one doing the dusting.

22. People think you’re younger when you’re single.

23. No one asks you when you’re going to get pregnant.

24. No one cares that my bedroom is decorated with flowers.

25. I don’t feel compelled to spend the equivalent of a down payment on a house to have a big wedding that will last a few hours.

Now, I’m sure there are just as many advantages to being married.  I do support marriage you know.  It’s just that we single folks don’t celebrate often enough just how good we’ve got it!


The Piano That Is My Mind


Your fingers
pause, bent over the keys of the piano
the piano that is my mind
you force sweet melodies to rise forth
from my throat
melodies which you have given to me
and the temp increases
the rhythm beating wildly in my soul
pounding to be set free
dum ba da dum bum
madly I sing forth the notes
singing with a voice that is no longer my own
the voice soars, as your hands float over the keys

until someone wanders through me
up into the cabinets of my mind,
where they tear you from the piano
I hesitate, and then the someone that is me
sits and with a glance at your fleeting back
places delicate fingers on the keys
and I begin to sing my own song

Poetry Drips Like Poison


drips like poison
from his fingertips
and passion
seizes his mind
until there is no more hope.
is found in the most unlikely places
and freedom’s price
is a life well lived.
safety, anonymity and assurance,
good intentions
may rob your soul
of its open window
may close out the light
until your love wastes away
in a dark cellar.
The prisons of our minds
are no more dangerous
than the eyes with which we see.

And I wanted to love you.
But you took away my voice.

Reflections on Volunteering at a Homeless Shelter


dull plop
hard crusts
and mashed pasta
spooned onto
cold pastels of
plastic trays
white plastic spoon
white plastic fork
pale hands
with smooth skin
perfectly filed
pass the hard tray
out the
in tired eyes

thin bodies
thread bare
rough hands
big smiles
large hearts
tight hugs
tired eyes
I hold you
in my lap
I smile large
laugh loud
but inside
I cry
and so do you
we try to be strong
for each other—
the world
if only
I could hold you
but impossibility of humanity
prevents it

so instead
I whisper sweet words of
in your ear
sing you happy songs
and hold you
for this moment


My Love


I tell them of you, my love
of your beauty which haunts my dreams
of your warmth which awakens my possibilities

I try to describe how I first fell in love with you
how we met in a crowded city
filled with a thousand new memories
and how, in a moment,
you touched me
and your fingerprints have forever been
tattooed on my heart

words tumble from my lips
searching to describe your children
stunning, intelligent, loving, hopeful
with those deep, brown eyes which hypnotize me

I tell them how I am coming to live with you
packing everything I can fit in a few battered suitcases
flying halfway around this spinning planet
to share life with you
because I love you
because I love the God who led me to you

I speak all of this, my love
with all the joy and compassion and love in my heart

And often they smile at me
wish me well
but secretly they wonder

how I could love you
how I could hold you dear
and wish for a life with you

And it pains me to tell you this,
but too often their minds have been clouded by perceptions they have been given of you
by so many others who have not known you as I have
they have learned to mistrust you
to hold you at arms length
sometimes to hate you,
but always to fear you

And they fear for me—
for my life with you
they are afraid that instead of cherishing me
you will hurt me
leave me lonely or in pain

But do not fear, my love
still I will come to you.
For once, many years ago
I feared you too
but some divinely ordained plan took me to you
and once I had met you,
looked into your heart
I fell hopelessly in love
and I learned how wrong all my prejudices had been
and I hold out hope for the day when they too
will share my love


The Hourglass


My job is simple
I wake up and grab a spoon
after downing my shredded wheat
I wipe the spoon clean
and step outside
in front of me is an expanse of sand
I bend down
dig in my spoon
and gather it up
moving it to the giant
behind my house
one teaspoon at a time
I move an ocean of sand
months on end
I pour into the hourglass
Until one day it is full
and the god I have constructed
knocks it over
and points to a new timepiece
and I grab my spoon
and begin my journey once more

But at night when the rain clinks on my roof
I look out and I wonder
What if this dry, grainy mission
was my own invention?
And I dream of a God who calls me to
Play with him on the beach
Instead of hauling sand all day
And I wonder if there’s more truth
in my dream than my reality.




Tell me there’s more than this,
that there’s hope for me.

I’ve been poured in concrete,
no matter how I struggle
I’m still in the same place
longing for you
waiting to see your face again
but the distance is dissolving my memory of you,
and I find myself trapped in this endless moment
clinging to wisps of smoke from your fire
longing for the passion which once filled me

I’m holding onto trinkets
symbols which are cheapened without your presence
and I feel cheap
hoping like this—
waiting for you,
knowing I’m powerless to
conjure up your love
like a witch doctor who has found out the utter
uselessness of my spells,
yet still reciting them
longing for the magic to

Wide Open Spaces


wide open spaces
in my soul

walking through an
aisle of trees
on a path of stone
you could catch a
glimpse of my naked soul

laying my Isaac on the altar
of sacrifice
weeping for my
hopes, dreams, plans
I was giving to God.
and then feeling so
of me
filling the
wide open spaces
in my soul
with Him.

and then He gave me
my Isaac back

why is it that
after my mountain-top experience
I keep falling back into the
slimy ditches of this life
cluttered by all these
pieces of me
I’d rather lose

how do I get back to
His plan
my desire
wide open spaces in my soul