Life After Harry Potter



One of the awesome things I get to do is tutor a fourth grade student each week.  I am helping her develop her reading skills and right now she’s reading Harry Potter.  She loves it.  In about a month we will wrap up our tutoring for the year and I’d like to give her a book to start her summer reading.  I’m looking for recommendations.  While she is currently reading the fourth book, her family owns all the HP books, so I’d like to get her something else.  She loves mystery, adventure, humor, and historical fiction about American slavery.  She’s at a Lexicon level of 890.  Any suggestions?




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  1. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is a good book for young mystery lovers. It has an air of whimsy in it, too, that would appeal if she likes real-world based fantasy (like Harry Potter). The Lexile level (I think that’s what you mean; I’ve never heard of Lexicon, but we just might not use it in here) is 840, so it might be a bit easy.

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