Petunias anyone?



I’m great at ideas. Big, grand, elaborate, super-cool, fun ideas. I can come up with dozens of ’em in a single sitting. The execution–that I’m not so great at.

As you are all aware, Sunday is Mother’s Day. And in kid’s ministry world, that means doing something nice for all those moms. Usually our church gives out single carnations. But this year I’m on the team, and that idea seemed way too easy to me. (Besides, everyone knows carnations are the losers of the flower world.) So I decided we’d pick a different flower; and instead of presenting a cut blossom, we’d give a planted seedling. And then we’d doll it up with ribbon and a cute card. Better for the planet and adorable, right?

Yeah, not so much. This project involves about 10 steps. Per flower. My hands are currently filthy from transplanting the seedlings, despite washing them about 25 times. My OCD tendencies are not happy. But the trade off should be about 850 happy mommas. Plus, I got to work with a 16 year old who was sentenced to community service. Building a relationship with him was the best part of the day. I don’t think he has many adults he can talk to.

Strangest thing of all . . . thinking about Mother’s Day and realizing next year I may have a kiddo of my own.


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