When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall . . .



Who came up with the words to that lullaby?  I mean, seriously!!  It’s about some deranged momma who puts her baby in a cradle IN A TREE.  Which, of course, ends up with the cradle falling to the ground.  Someone call child services.

Anyway . . . I’m going to look at a crib today.  I found it on Craig’s List and it looks perfect.  I hope she’ll stick with her original price, but it seems there’s a lot of interest so it may turn into a bit of a silent auction.  Well wishes and prayers that she’ll decide to sell it to me are much appreciated.  It’s for a good cause after all.

Although . . . when I think about it, I guess ANY baby sleeping in a stable, safe crib instead of a crazy cradle in a tree is a good cause.


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