On the Merry Go Round of Cazy


It’s been a crazy busy weekend for me! On Thursday I went to an info meeting for foster parenting. Which is a little backwards, since that is supposed to be the first step, and I’ve actually done steps two through four already. But it was great for me to get a chance to meet the voice behind the phone. We discovered we have lots of mutual acquaintances. They got to ask me some questions they normally wouldn’t because for the first 30 minutes I was the only prospective foster parent there.

There were a few awkward moments when I thought, “maybe I shouldn’t have shared that just yet?” For example, I wanted to ask if childcare vouchers could be used for nannies instead of facilities. I’ve heard the stories of foster kids having six appointments a week between family visits, caseworker and lawyer visits, doctor appointments, and early intervention evals. That’s a lot of running around, and for a working parent it seems like a job better suited to a nanny than a daycare. Plus, I’ve been a nanny and have tons of friends who currently are nannies. I believe they can be the best choice for kids and parents (not to mention incredibly helpful for kids who really need one-on-one attention).

Anyway, I asked the question and he looked at me like I might be trying to work the system. He then explained that childcare vouchers go directly to the daycare, not the foster parent. I would not be getting the money. I wanted to laugh. Part of the reason I waited so long to become a foster parent is that I wanted to be more financially stable, because I will spend far more on my kids than the state will ever give me. Heck, I’ve already spent about $250 starting to set up the kids’ room and I don’t even have a kid yet!

Which was the other thing. I may or may not have mentioned that I already bought a bed. They looked at me like I was crazy. Clearly they’re not used to people as gung-ho about fostering as I am.

In other news, Friday night we had our Family Worship Experience and it was amazing. Here are a few shots of the evening.











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