A whirlwind of a week . . . or two. (Part 2)


After spending Memorial Day at an awesome reception, I headed home and met up with my amazing small group.  Have I told you how incredible my small group is?  They are.  I am so lucky to have such a cool group of friends who encourage me and are always there for me.  Monday night we skipped the discussion part of group and just had a party.  (Two parties in one day, woot woot!)  Scott made an awesome dessert and summer sangria and we played Imaginiff–a game I purchased on my vacation which turned out to be hilarious.

Unfortunately after my crazy week and lack of sleep, I headed into the rest of my week with some kind of upper respiratory craziness.  You know that “I’ve been run over by a mack truck” feeling you get when you’re sick?  Yeah, I hate that.  And I’ve been battling it all week.  If you know me in real life, you know I’m an extreme night owl.  Like, going to bed at 1am is early for me.  I’m really lucky that I don’t have one of those jobs where I have to be up at 5 or 6 am.  So it is a dead giveaway that I am sick when on Tuesday night I was in bed by 9pm, and Wednesday I left home early and was headed to bed by 5:45pm.  Woah.  Not so fun.

Which made me wonder what I’ll do when I have a foster kiddo to take care of and I can’t just hit the bed.  I’m sure I’ll manage somehow–mostly because of awesome friends, but also because I have been a nanny before and there were times that I had to show up and watch two kids age two and under when I wasn’t feeling so hot.  So, you manage.  Somehow.  But it was a thought.

At any rate, I am thankful that this is only the second time I’ve been sick since I moved to Syracuse.  Those of you who knew me in other places, will be impressed that it’s only been two times.

The other thing I’ve been up to this week is collecting more items for my foster kiddos.  I am finding Craig’s List and e-Bay to be an awesome help in setting up a kid’s room.  I bought a twin bed frame.  (My plan is to have a room set up with both a crib and a twin bed.  Although I’d prefer to only take one kid at a time, this will enable me to take a bigger variety of ages.  Also, if there was a sibling set I would be able to consider taking them.)

I’ve also gathered a diaper champ (nanny-tested and approved, it is so much better than a diaper genie), a baby monitor, some more pj’s, some free safety latches (thanks Proctor & Gamble), and buckets full of fun stuff from the dollar store.  Here are a few shots of some of my finds:

photo copy 7 photo copy 8 photo copy 6 c4c6193ec66811e2957d22000a1fa40f_7 photo copy 3 photo copy 4 photo copy 2


So, that’s been my crazy two weeks.  How ’bout you?  What have you been up to this week?


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