Blog Challenge: Day 1


So, technically this should have been posted yesterday.   But I’ve been sick.  And Friday night I stayed up all night with a group of fourth and fifth graders at a lock-in.  So yesterday (on my day off) I slept all day.  I mean the entire day.  I think I was awake a grand total of five hours.  Ain’t that exciting?  The good news is I feel a lot better, other than still having a case of laryngitis.  (Which, let me mention, is a grand thing to have when your job entails trying to wrangle large groups of children.)

Anyway, July is my blog challenge month.  I hope some of you will join me on this journey.  And if you do, let me know and I’ll post a link to your blog here.  Day 1’s challenge is an introduction and recent photo of yourself.  So, let me introduce myself.


I’m Amanda–the one with the glasses.  The hot momma with me is my amazing sister-in-law, Debbie, who is literally a hot momma–she just had a baby about 7 months before this photo was taken.  I grew up in Illinois, but I’ve lived all over the place.  I’m a pastor–specifically a pastor to children and families.  I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and I love it.  I currently live in Central New York, where I love the people and I love my job, but hate the weather.  Seriously.  My city has more snow than any other city in the country.  It’s disgusting.  I love Starbucks coffee, kids, theatre, books, music, dancing, movies, writing, and Jesus.  But not in that order, I promise!  Hopefully over the course of this month I’ll get a chance to share with you some of my story and get to hear some of your story.  Raise a glass, and turn the page!

Here’s what Karla has to say on Day 1.


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