Blog Challenge: Day 4


Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I hope you had a great day full of food, fireworks, and fun.  Today is day four of the blog challenge and the task is to write about a song that reminds you of a particular time and place.  For me this is fairly easy–music is a huge part of my life, and I feel like there is always a soundtrack playing in the background.  For example, I once took a vacation in the Smoky Mountains and for the entire time played two albums–Corinne Bailey Rae and Arabic Groove.  Two very different choices, but now they always take me back to that trip and the little red PT Cruiser I rented to drive me through the mountains.  

But today’s challenge calls for a specific song, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite memories, and a song I love-“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles.  Every time I hear that song it takes me back to a time when I was living in the “Real World House” in Orlando.  Not the real Real World, of course.  That’s just what we called it.  It was a huge house with five bedrooms and it was home to eight of us–spread out all over the place.  One guy even slept in a closet under the stairs, all Harry Potter style.  We were all creative types–actors, dancers, singers, artists, and authors.  Oh, and me–who does all those things, but not professionally.  Everyone else in the house got paid for their art.  It was a lot of fun, and sometimes a lot of drama.  

One night I was watching So You Think You Can Dance with Joey–the actor/dancer/performer who lived in the closet under the stairs.  That show was always a big hit in our house.  Anyway, on came that song and we watched the choreography of Mia Michaels come to life with “The Addiction Dance.”  It was so amazing.  Breathtaking.   By far my favorite piece of choreography ever.  And so every time I hear that song I’m transported back to that moment and that performance.

I’m also reminded of what happened 15 minutes later, when Joey and I got up and attempted to reenact the routine in the living room.  Did I mention that Joey is about 4’10” and less than 1/2 the size of me.  We’re dancing around tables and sofas and the huge amount of junk that piles up when eight people live in a house.  He pretending to be sadistic and evil, and me a hopeless addict.  There are no words for how funny that was.  No words. 

So that’s my song memory.  What’s yours?  

And check out what Karla was singing and dancing to.


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