Blog Challenge: Day 5


Good evening internet world.  Today is challenge 5–to write about my worst habits.  Wow . . . this will be so hard, since I have no bad habits.  What, you don’t believe that?  Yeah, you’re right.  I have a ton.  In no particular order they are . . .

I’m a bit OCD–not diagnosable, not the kind that’s into counting things and repeating words.  But I’m about obsessive about things being clean, about rooms being arranged a certain way, about a million crazy things.  Anyway, that often leads to some habits that are really annoying to others–things like washing my hands all the time, insisting that the paint strokes go in one direction, using cloth napkins at casual parties, and on and on.  I don’t think any of them are necessarily bad per se, but they are definitely annoying to others.

I can also be a little controlling.  It was inevitable really–I’m a first-born, people-pleasing perfectionist with a bit of OCD–the only way to achieve all that is to control things, right?  Yeah, you’re not feeling sorry for me are you?  My friends tolerate it most of the time, occasionally though they just get annoyed and let me know I need to lay off.

Also, I’m a verbal processer — in other words, I talk things through.  And I’m very passionate when I speak.  Whether I’m brainstorming, planning, or arguing I get really into the conversation.  There’s no medium with me–I’m not just telling you my idea, I’m telling you why it’s the best idea ever and we absolutely have to do it.  This happens to drive my co-workers crazy.  Somebody should give them an award for putting up with me.

Whether it’s my OCD, controlling, or arguing– I’m full of habits that annoy others.  But I have other habits that drive me crazy.  For example, although I’m a work-a-holic most of the time, I can be incredibly lazy at home.  I’ll spend my day off just chilling in front of the TV or reading books, when there are piles of laundry to be done and paperwork to be organized.  I wish I had more energy and drive.  Worst of all though, I’m always blowing my budget.  I am terrible at managing money.  Seriously terrible. That may be my worst habit of all.

What about you?  What are your bad habits?

Here are Karla’s worst habits–and I have the same ones, even if I didn’t think to write about them all.


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