Blog Challenge: Day 6


So . . . technically today is Day 7.  Which means I’m a day behind.  So before I share about my past locales I’m going to catch up on Day 6 . . . which is hard for me.  Day 6’s challenge is to write about your best physical feature.  I think this may be challenging for many women–we are so often trained to focus on all of our flaws, all the things we want to change or improve.  Trying to think about something we love about our appearance–it’s like trying to figure out the best part of getting a root canal, in our minds there is no best part.

But, there is a challenge and I will rise to the occasion.  I’m going to say my best feature is my eyes.  They’re blue and I have pretty long lashes–which is very convenient considering the idea of using an eyelash curler is just ridiculous to me.

So that’s me.  What about you?  What is your favorite feature?  And do you also find it hard to find something positive to say about your appearance?

Read about Karla’s best asset here.  By the way–she’s completely right, I’m so jealous of her best physical feature.


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