Let the chaos begin!


My foster journey has officially jumped on the roller coaster and is off for a wild spin.  I got a call on Friday for my first placement.  A 2.5 year old little boy was being moved out of a foster home and they were looking for a pre-adoptive home that would take him.  He has some developmental delays (although from what I’ve seen so far it seems to be mostly centered around speech delays).  I got to meet him on Monday at the foster mom’s house.  At the time he was supposed to be moved Friday.  After I left she called and asked for it to happen faster.  I met him again yesterday when I went to a doctors visit with him and foster mom.  Then this morning he was placed with me

To protect his privacy, we’ll be calling him Little Man.  In case you’re wondering, he is absolutely adorable.  He loves books.  He wants to sit with a book in his hands (which he reads like a teacher doing story time, showing you the pictures) and you also have to have a book in your hands (which he wants you to read aloud).  He also loves putting this away and keeping things tidy.  (Perfect for the OCD in me, right?!)  He can run like crazy (in fact, when trying out nicknames for the blog I considered names revolving around Speedy Gonzalez, Lightening McQueen, and the Road Runner).   When he’s tired he loves to cuddle.  However he has absolutely no interest in the crib.  He very quickly discovered how to climb out of that thing.  Nap time was an hour and a half of crying and interrupted by 10 minutes of sleep.  He stayed up late to meet my small group, and hopefully tire him out for bedtime.  It was still a tough sell getting him to go to sleep, but considering it’s his first night in a strange place with a strange person and being too young to understand what the heck is going on, he did awesome.  Fortunately I have a crib and a twin bed.  For bedtime I put him in the twin bed and he did much better.  He seemed less afraid without the “prison bars” of the crib.  Plus, he’ll be more safe without the danger of falling while climbing out.

Considering I didn’t sleep well last night stressing out about how today would go and worrying that he would be scared, I am exhausted.  Let the mommy-hood begin!  Now I’m off to finish up the enrollment paperwork for daycare, where he’ll be going tomorrow.  So many changes for Little Man!  I’m praying God will help him feel safe and loved despite all the chaos around him.

And here’s a pic to tempt you with his cuteness.  (For those of you who have been asking, I can’t post any picture of him that shows his face.  But I’ll try to make up with it by giving you lots of adorable no-face photos!)  The first is of him trying to reach the snow.  The second is him falling asleep while being read to at small group.  (Did I mention I have the best small group in the world?)






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