Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


It’s been a little over a month since Little Man came into my life. It’s hard to believe, everything has changed so quickly. Going from living on my own to a parent of a toddler has rocked my world. But in an incredibly beautiful way. It’s been hard to keep up to date on here as I juggle parenthood, work, foster appointments, and more. I know, there are lots of busy parents out there, but seriously . . . how many of you can say you have to take your two year old to go visit his lawyer?

Anyway, lots has happened. Mom is now back in the picture and Little Man has begun having visits with her. Simultaneously he has stopped sleeping through the night and now wakes up screaming “No!” and crying for an hour and a half to two hours every night. He has also started hitting more and biting. I found out additional info about his home life before he was placed in foster care, and it was soooo heartbreaking. I sat at my desk and cried as I read about it.

And a lot of fantastic things have happened too. His vocabulary is increasing exponentially. Back in January he was essentially mute, now he is talking all the time and using three word sentences. His speech therapist and case worker are so excited. I am too, of course! His newest sentences is “I love you.” Which isn’t surprising since I say it to him all the time. I don’t think he really understands it though, seeing as how I caught him saying it to the broom too. He is feeling more and more safe and comfortable at home and is acting like a normal two year old, getting into everything!

We’re having lots of fun together! It’s so exciting to experience things with him for the first time, knowing he’s probably never done it before in his life: the zoo, the giant playground, the lake, the indoor playground at the mall, eating in a sit down restaurant . . . It’s all so precious! Once he realized that the zoo had more than one animal he was in heaven. He kept shouting “More, more!” Today I picked up a tricycle for $5 off Craig’s List and he had a blast riding it around the house and helping me plant flowers.

Here’s some photos so you can see just how adorable he is. I wish I could show you him rockin’ his sunglasses and the awesome video of him falling asleep as he’s eating. There are no words for the adorable-ness!

br />20140413-225032.jpg










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