Kicking and Screaming


Little Man’s school pictures came in and they’re adorable. I framed one, as well as his Easter Bunny pic. For days now he’s been carrying them around the house and setting them up in whatever room we’re in, like they’re his priceless treasures. Poor guy has probably never seen framed pics of himself before. Today the school pic finally made its way to my dresser. Which is a great place for it right now as I’m listening to him try to tear down the house in his “I don’t want to go to bed” tantrum. Reminds me of his sweet side despite the fact that he’s nearly kicked the door off its frame.

I remember getting the placement call and thinking “Great! He’ll sleep through the night.” Oh, naive foster momma. Bonus: he’s learned that if he stands at my door and screams “owwey” I have to come check.

In other news, mealtime is six degrees of insanity. I may have mentioned before that Little Man used to be fed by having food left out for him in the living room all day. He would graze whenever he wanted. So regular mealtimes are a foreign thing. I’ve finally got him convinced that food stays in the kitchen/dining room, but getting him to sit and eat is an epic battle each time. I have a booster seat high chair with straps, but he prefers to sit in the adult chair. If I let him sit in the adult chair he gets down every 60 seconds or so to go play, bring a toy to the table, or some other craziness. In between getting down he takes bites of food, but mealtimes are never ending. If I put him in the booster with straps he throws a major tantrum, including throwing his plate, cup, silverware, placemat – basically everything within his grasp. And the result is he doesn’t eat a single bite. Augh! I’m worried that he’s not eating enough, but I’m not sure how to solve the problem.

I’ll just take a deep breath and go look at that adorable picture on my dresser.

Here’s one I can show you from Easter:


And here’s one from the zoo today:


And here’s what he was up to tonight. He climbed into the dryer because he liked the way his voice sounded inside there. Then he shut the door as far as he could and giggled.



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