Shhh . . . Don’t tell


But Little Man slept through the night last night.  In his bed.  Not curled up on his changing pad outside my door.  The whole night!!!!  Three cheers for a full night’s sleep for him and for me!

Also, in case you don’t follow me on Facebook — my awesomely brilliant friend Angie (the one you saw helping me put together the crib he never used) sat down and brainstormed ways to work through some of his struggles with me.  The screaming bloody murder and throwing himself at me until I’m in so much pain I’m crying when I go to change his diaper.  The hitting and biting, which for him aren’t just an expression of frustration, but a game to play.  Angie knows her stuff.  She’s got a masters degree in working with kids with special needs.  She’s a rock star.  And all her advice worked like a charm.  Diaper changes took a while but happened with zero fighting.  After a few times of hitting he ate up her tools and stopped hitting.  HOLLA!

And that eating thing . . . for the last 24 hours he’s decided he really would rather sit in my lap at meal times than get down and play.  He’s still not really eating anything, but it’s progress.  Not the finish line, but fantastic progress.

Let’s celebrate.  Just not too loud, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.


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