Little Man Turns 3!


There is so much I need to blog about when it comes to Little Man’s world, but tonight I’m just going to share a few pics of his special birthday! Today was his 3rd birthday. We started out with his favorite breakfast, waffles and bacon, in our dining room surrounded by pics of him. (A tradition I’m stealing from my awesome friend Renee, who has taught me so much about being a good mom!)

Then we went to the park where I supervised a visit with bio mom. Then he went to school while I frantically cleaned, shopped, and decorated. Afterwards I picked him up and took him to swim lessons. Then we came home as he opened his presents from me before friends came over for his party.

We managed to fit about 14 adults and 7 kids in my tiny apartment. It was insane, but he had a lot of fun. And we had the best birthday cake ever- and it was all gluten free! So yummy! Thanks Amy for rocking that cake!

Here’s some photos of our day:






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