A Three Year Old’s Dream


Today I took Little Man to Billy Beez, a huge indoor playground of tunnels, slides, ball machines, trampolines, and mazes. He LOVED it. It was like all his dreams come true. He was giggling, laughing, and running around like a crazy guy! It was adorable.







It was a great payback for how awesome he was last night. Last night I was miserably sick. It sucks being a single mom when you’re sick. Ugh! I thought maybe it was allergies, but by 5:30 last night, I was shivering with a fever and I literally couldn’t keeps eyes open. It didn’t help that Little Man was up all night the night before. But he was a rock star last night. I ended up laying under a pile of blankets while he surfed between a variety of shows on the PBS Kids app. God bless that app. It was a lifesaver. After a good nights sleep, I was still sick this morning but feeling much better.

So he was due for a special treat. Thanks again Angie and Chris for the gift card!


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