One heck of a night


It’s been a tough night. Not enough nap leads to epic meltdowns. Combine that with the fact that no one else on Little Man’s soccer team showed up for the game tonight, so they combined the teams and promised them a short game followed by snack. Only there was no snack, because our team’s snack parent didn’t show up and the other team chose not to share. I had just talked him through a 45 min game by promising snack. Ugh.

This led to a 1 hour fit with so much self-harming behavior I had to put his helmet on. First time since I’ve had Little Man that I’ve had to do that. It only intensified his anger, but at least his head was safe. The rest of his body, not so much.

Finally when he calmed down and was playing I sat down next to him. He kept acting out. Sometimes me just being near him causes this behavior, so I went in the other room. He started calling for me. “Mommy, come sit.” Then he said two pretty epic things. “Don’t be mad. I’ll be nice.”

People, this is huge. Not just that he emotionally processed that, but that HE DID IT VERBALLY!!!! Little Man has never before used language in that way. He’s never before said either of those things. And this is the first time I’ve heard him craft sentences of his own instead of mimicking or slightly altering what he hears others say.

Needless to say, I came and sat. Of course 2 minutes later he was acting out again, but I’m counting every victory.


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