Monthly Archives: March 2015

Kind of a big deal . . . maybe


It’s hard to manage expectations when you work in the foster care system.  Nothing is certain.  You make plans, but you can’t count on them to work out because so much of your life is placed in the hands of caseworkers and judges and other people you don’t even know.  That being said . . .

Thursday may be a big day for Little Man and I.  He has a new caseworker, and she recently left me a message regarding our court date on Thursday.  She told me that bio mom is ready to sign a conditional surrender, with the stipulations that we send a letter and picture each year.  This condition is fairly normal for foster adoptions.  If this happens it would greatly speed up the process of adoption and help us avoid a long set of court dates to approve a TPR (or termination of parental rights).  She also said it may happen at court on Thursday.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, because this could fall apart.  There are a million factors that could get in the way. But, if not . . . this is a big deal, and some really good news.  And after the past few months I’ve had, I could really use some good news in my life.  So let’s all cross our fingers, say our prayers, and wish on stars that this works out this week!