You know that dream where you walk into a room and realize you’re naked?

They say it symbolizes that you’re trying to hide something or pretend to be someone you’re not; and your subconscious is terrified that you’ll slip up and reveal your true self.  Let it all hang out, so to speak.  Clothes, like the masks we wear in public, are our protection–our defense against the dark arts of true vulnerability.

Well, I’ve never had that dream.

For better or worse, I’m a “lay it all out on the table” kind of girl.  There’s no closet full of skeletons waiting to be exhumed.  Nope, I took pictures of those suckers and posted them on Facebook before I buried ’em.  Wanna know what I think?  Just ask.  Better yet, most of the time I’ll go ahead and tell you before you even ask.  I know, it’s a problem.  I’m working on it.  I love to argue, it’s how I think, process, and learn.  I’ll vehemently argue my position with all the passion of a mother bear defending her cubs.  But the truth is I’m still learning, and it’s entirely possible that I’ll reconsider that position at some point in the future.

This is who I am:

I am a practical idealist.  I am a world traveler who’s been to fourteen countries and lived in three.  I am a creative communicator.   I am a writer, poet, actor, and artist.  I am a theologian and was a pastor for over a decade.   I am a woman in my thirties who has never been married and is honestly content with being single.  I am mother who adopted my son through foster care.  I don’t fit into any of those nice little white boxes our culture has created, and I hope I never do.

So, what will you find here?

A little bit of everything.  My adoption journey.  Some poetry.  Some theological musings.  Perhaps a few photographs of some of my art.  Oh yeah, and Murphy’s tale.  About that . . . it is a commonly held belief amongst everyone who knows me that Murphy’s Law is not my friend.  In addition to all the aforementioned aspects of my existence, I am, in fact, Murphy’s favorite victim.  Expect a few stories about that too.  And feel free to laugh at my mishaps.  I certainly do.


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