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two dimpled knees bend unsteadily
while the space between her small body and the dirty sand decreases
her hand reaches out and tentatively brushes the strand of pale hair away from her face
it moves to the pile of pebbles at her left
unsteadily it closes the tiny fingers around a shiny stone
cautiously she balances her weight as she sends the smooth gray object into the vast expanse of water
concentric circles form in the clear pool
fascinated, her perfect hands clap in delight
and in another world:
a beautiful lady gracefully brings her hands to this same pool
their delicate fingers forming a perfect  cup
as her neck slowly bends to accommodate her sleep-swollen lips
they earnestly find the sweet water
and somehow the clear substance fulfills a deep need
slowly the corners of her beautiful mouth rise forming a smile
and in another world:
two figures are running across the land
finding the way to this  same pond by following the drumbeats of their hearts
and while socks and hastily tied shoes come off, the tinkling of soft laughter vibrates through the valley
and the mother and child splash their feet in the cool water and  raise their confident voices to heaven
in resounding thanks
and in another world:
a black-clad girl makes her way to the pond
her bruised feet climb the rocks above the pool
and as she sits on the hard mass of granite she clutches a black urn which is absorbing the tears that fall from her face
and as she reaches her hand into the jar and sets the ashes free on the water,
she sings the song her mother taught her
the song her mother sang when her two dimpled knees bent unsteadily