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The Hourglass


My job is simple
I wake up and grab a spoon
after downing my shredded wheat
I wipe the spoon clean
and step outside
in front of me is an expanse of sand
I bend down
dig in my spoon
and gather it up
moving it to the giant
behind my house
one teaspoon at a time
I move an ocean of sand
months on end
I pour into the hourglass
Until one day it is full
and the god I have constructed
knocks it over
and points to a new timepiece
and I grab my spoon
and begin my journey once more

But at night when the rain clinks on my roof
I look out and I wonder
What if this dry, grainy mission
was my own invention?
And I dream of a God who calls me to
Play with him on the beach
Instead of hauling sand all day
And I wonder if there’s more truth
in my dream than my reality.



Give Me


Give me sweet fall days
warm afternoons
cloudless skies
mountain mazes

Give me childlike wonder
innocent questions
unwavering trust
perfect love

Give me big city lights
concrete jungles
urban rhythms
skyscraper dreams

Give me beauty and art
breathtaking paintings
captivating performances
music and motion

Give me classrooms of learning
students with stories
quiet-nooked libraries
lightbulbs exploding

Give me passports to adventure
untasted delicacies
secreted new lands
friendships not yet begun

Give me the broken and lonely
wandering confused
secret doubters
prodigal daughters

Give me the fatherless children
bullied heroes
frightened victims
brave warriors

Give me arms to hold
breath to share
love to paint
grace to journey
persistence to never accept less