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Were Adam and Eve cave people?


Were Adam and Eve cave people?

That’s what I was asked by a kid at church recently.  Let me back up.  At Kid Connect we believe it’s important to involve kids in the learning process, so we encourage them to ask questions.  We don’t want to be that teacher calling out the standard fill-in-the-blank questions looking for “Sunday School answers.”  So, throughout the worship experience kids have the opportunity to write down questions.  We take those questions and the inspiration leaders (our large group teachers) address those questions in the teach time.  As you can imagine we get some awesome questions.  Teachers have three options when they read a question–they can answer it themselves, challenge the kids to come up with the answer, or they can put it in the “Expert Box” for me to answer later.

As you can imagine, I get some very interesting questions.  And so it was that last weekend during one of our venues our inspiration leader pulled out a question and read “Were Adam and Eve cave people?”  There was a moment of awkward silence.  Then she looked up, smirked at me, and laughed “Well, that one’s going in the Expert Box.”

Thanks a lot.

Here are some of the other questions I’ve been asked:

  • Did God know Santa?
  • How do we love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, when we’ve never met him?
  • How was the “big bang” made?
  • How many people die from hunger in 24 hours?
  • Why did the women not get treated fairly?
  • Why are people mean?
  • Can I beat up people?
  • What does God look like?
  • How do I get people to stop hitting me?
  • How does hope spread?
  • Can God stop school?
  • Why didn’t God just wipe out sin instead of making Jesus die?
  • Why are some churches so big and fancy and some don’t have a playground?
  • What do you do when there are a lot of people annoying you?
  • When you get baptized is it like falling back into Jesus’ arms?
  • How do you tell someone you are afraid of about Jesus?
  • Why do people think it’s all about money?
  • Why do people bully?
  • Does God have a Holy Spirit in himself

Wow!  Right?

So, it’s time for you to get involved!   What questions have kids asked you?  Or, what questions do you have that you’ve been too afraid to ask?  And how would you answer these questions?


A Song From My Kids


As a children’s pastor I am blessed with many “Proud Momma” moments.  Every one of the kids I pastor is “mine”–even if not biologically.  (Which is a good thing–can you imagine having 600 kids?)  Each time one of my kiddos chooses to follow Christ I am so proud.  But I’m also overflowing with pride every time they discover something new, take a risk, choose wisely, model love and grace to their friends, and so much more.  Recently I had one of those “Proud Momma” moments.

At Kid Connect, the children’s ministry at Salem Fields Community Church, our weekend venues begin with a time that we call “inspire.”  Kids choose from various inspiration stations where they connect to our lesson through activities designed for multiple learning styles, personalities, and passions.  The goal is to get kids to engage with the Bible in a way that is designed for who God has created them to be.  I love watching kids discover who they are in Christ, and using their God-given gifts.

Right now we are in a unit called Hope Bearers, where kids are learning how to bring hope into their world.  On our first week we discovered that our hope comes from Jesus and his awesome, never-ending love for us.  One of our stations was music, where kids wrote songs or raps to describe where we find our hope.  During one of our venues, the kids in the music station wrote the following song.  I’m so proud of them; I had to share it with you.

The Cross

Before he came it was a simple piece of wood
After he came we can live like we should
He was real, the mighty one
The one and only, God’s true Son

God loves the weak
God loves the lost
We kneel before him
At his cross

He died for me and he died for you
Through his death all creation is made new
In our death with Christ we shall surely live
At the foot of the cross, my life I give

God loves the weak
God loves the lost
We kneel before him
At his cross