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Tell me there’s more than this,
that there’s hope for me.

I’ve been poured in concrete,
no matter how I struggle
I’m still in the same place
longing for you
waiting to see your face again
but the distance is dissolving my memory of you,
and I find myself trapped in this endless moment
clinging to wisps of smoke from your fire
longing for the passion which once filled me

I’m holding onto trinkets
symbols which are cheapened without your presence
and I feel cheap
hoping like this—
waiting for you,
knowing I’m powerless to
conjure up your love
like a witch doctor who has found out the utter
uselessness of my spells,
yet still reciting them
longing for the magic to


Lend Me a Suitor


cast a hazy smoke of magic
over everything you do.
Casting a glow of perfection
on such ordinary circumstances.

And I
can’t seem to grasp onto your
book of charms long enough to
fill my life with that same sense of mystery.

No one proposing to me on the 6:35 train to Kansas City.
I’m still struggling to fit two frayed suitcases
into the overhead bin.

Could you lend me a suitor?

Whirring Hum of Magic


a dark curtain falls
shutting out all distractions
leaving only
the mystique of blackness
the whirring hum of
close your eyes
lean your head back
unclench your fists and
let the warm waves
of magic
roll over you
see the twinkling stars
brilliant in the darkness

(while the curtain is drawn)
if a thousand wishes
thousand dreams
thousand talents
are given to you

where will your path lead
a bridge of diamonds
across the sky
where will you step

the mystique of blackness
the whirring hum of
no regrets