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A new addition to the family


I got a placement call today for a little three month old boy. They were originally looking to remove him from his home today and needed a foster family. However bio mom wouldn’t sign the consent form, so it will all go down in court on Thursday morning. Barring any changes (which, let’s face it, could always happen in foster care) I will get a new addition to my little family sometime Thursday.

You may be asking if I’m crazy. Believe me, I’m asking it too! But it’s hard to say no when I know there’s a precious little one in need of a loving home and I have both the space and love to give.

Given what I was told about the situation he’s coming from, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s moved to a kinship (family member) placement fairly soon. But again, you never know with foster care.

So now I’m in a mad rush to get ready– baby proofing/cleaning the floors, purchasing/borrowing all the necessary baby gear (bottles, diapers, formula, toys, car seat, pacifiers, blankets, clothing, etc.), and trying to mentally prepare for another huge adjustment to my life.

In other news, the last couple of days have been great with Little Man! He’s talking so much now!!! I have discovered two things that work phenomenally well with him. The first is choices. I’m a big advocate for choices. Ask anyone who’s been to one of my trainings on classroom management. But the amount of choices necessary to make for a smooth evening with Little Man are astronomical. A three minute conversation includes all of the following choices:
* What do you want to do next? A bath or medicine?
* Do you want to walk into the kitchen or ride the trike?
* Do you want to help pour the chips (peanut butter chips necessary before taking the meds) or do you want mommy to do it?
* Do you want to sit in your chair or on mommy ‘s lap?
* Do you want to help me pour the medicine or do you want mommy to do it?
* Do you want to hold the spoon or do you want mommy to?

That’s an average of one question every 30 seconds. With traveling to the kitchen, eating peanut butter chips, pouring medicine, drinking medicine, and running away from me a couple of times thrown in as well. Multiply that by the minutes in a day. It can be exhausting but it really works.

Another thing I have found super useful is songs. This boy has music in his soul. He has learned a ton of vocabulary from the songs I play him. But while on vacation my awesome friend Sharon taught me a song to help kids remember to look before crossing the street. An important lesson for my son who likes to make a mad dash in every parking lot, driveway, and street. And though it hasn’t cured him yet, we’re making progress. And as I’ve implemented songs in other areas he has a hard time following directions, he’s improving in those areas as well. So I’ve become a master songwriter. If you consider master level things like “down the stairs, down the stairs we go, left, right, left, right, we’re marching down the stairs .” I’m sure you’re all blown away.

So that’s it in my crazy world right now. A whole lot of insanity!!!


Blog Challenge: Day 4


Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I hope you had a great day full of food, fireworks, and fun.  Today is day four of the blog challenge and the task is to write about a song that reminds you of a particular time and place.  For me this is fairly easy–music is a huge part of my life, and I feel like there is always a soundtrack playing in the background.  For example, I once took a vacation in the Smoky Mountains and for the entire time played two albums–Corinne Bailey Rae and Arabic Groove.  Two very different choices, but now they always take me back to that trip and the little red PT Cruiser I rented to drive me through the mountains.  

But today’s challenge calls for a specific song, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite memories, and a song I love-“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles.  Every time I hear that song it takes me back to a time when I was living in the “Real World House” in Orlando.  Not the real Real World, of course.  That’s just what we called it.  It was a huge house with five bedrooms and it was home to eight of us–spread out all over the place.  One guy even slept in a closet under the stairs, all Harry Potter style.  We were all creative types–actors, dancers, singers, artists, and authors.  Oh, and me–who does all those things, but not professionally.  Everyone else in the house got paid for their art.  It was a lot of fun, and sometimes a lot of drama.  

One night I was watching So You Think You Can Dance with Joey–the actor/dancer/performer who lived in the closet under the stairs.  That show was always a big hit in our house.  Anyway, on came that song and we watched the choreography of Mia Michaels come to life with “The Addiction Dance.”  It was so amazing.  Breathtaking.   By far my favorite piece of choreography ever.  And so every time I hear that song I’m transported back to that moment and that performance.

I’m also reminded of what happened 15 minutes later, when Joey and I got up and attempted to reenact the routine in the living room.  Did I mention that Joey is about 4’10” and less than 1/2 the size of me.  We’re dancing around tables and sofas and the huge amount of junk that piles up when eight people live in a house.  He pretending to be sadistic and evil, and me a hopeless addict.  There are no words for how funny that was.  No words. 

So that’s my song memory.  What’s yours?  

And check out what Karla was singing and dancing to.

The Piano That Is My Mind


Your fingers
pause, bent over the keys of the piano
the piano that is my mind
you force sweet melodies to rise forth
from my throat
melodies which you have given to me
and the temp increases
the rhythm beating wildly in my soul
pounding to be set free
dum ba da dum bum
madly I sing forth the notes
singing with a voice that is no longer my own
the voice soars, as your hands float over the keys

until someone wanders through me
up into the cabinets of my mind,
where they tear you from the piano
I hesitate, and then the someone that is me
sits and with a glance at your fleeting back
places delicate fingers on the keys
and I begin to sing my own song

A Song From My Kids


As a children’s pastor I am blessed with many “Proud Momma” moments.  Every one of the kids I pastor is “mine”–even if not biologically.  (Which is a good thing–can you imagine having 600 kids?)  Each time one of my kiddos chooses to follow Christ I am so proud.  But I’m also overflowing with pride every time they discover something new, take a risk, choose wisely, model love and grace to their friends, and so much more.  Recently I had one of those “Proud Momma” moments.

At Kid Connect, the children’s ministry at Salem Fields Community Church, our weekend venues begin with a time that we call “inspire.”  Kids choose from various inspiration stations where they connect to our lesson through activities designed for multiple learning styles, personalities, and passions.  The goal is to get kids to engage with the Bible in a way that is designed for who God has created them to be.  I love watching kids discover who they are in Christ, and using their God-given gifts.

Right now we are in a unit called Hope Bearers, where kids are learning how to bring hope into their world.  On our first week we discovered that our hope comes from Jesus and his awesome, never-ending love for us.  One of our stations was music, where kids wrote songs or raps to describe where we find our hope.  During one of our venues, the kids in the music station wrote the following song.  I’m so proud of them; I had to share it with you.

The Cross

Before he came it was a simple piece of wood
After he came we can live like we should
He was real, the mighty one
The one and only, God’s true Son

God loves the weak
God loves the lost
We kneel before him
At his cross

He died for me and he died for you
Through his death all creation is made new
In our death with Christ we shall surely live
At the foot of the cross, my life I give

God loves the weak
God loves the lost
We kneel before him
At his cross