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Coming Home


they asked me how I got so far from you,
how long I ran on this journey away from home
but looking back I never ran,
No, that is not how I got here
on some angry track with hair blowing in the wind
It started with a glance over my shoulder,
a toss of my head as I turned to survey the other possibilities
It started with a glance and a small backwards step
This journey took years, one small sidling step at a time
Until I stopped and found I’d traveled through countries
over oceans and up mountains
it was never a long journey running away
I never found the path difficult to walk
So why is it that turning back toward home has proven so daunting
Why are these forward steps
so  much harder than the backward ones
Feet knee-deep in sand, drenched in confusion
Pulling out each foot, planting it in a new direction
Returning toward home

Whirring Hum of Magic


a dark curtain falls
shutting out all distractions
leaving only
the mystique of blackness
the whirring hum of
close your eyes
lean your head back
unclench your fists and
let the warm waves
of magic
roll over you
see the twinkling stars
brilliant in the darkness

(while the curtain is drawn)
if a thousand wishes
thousand dreams
thousand talents
are given to you

where will your path lead
a bridge of diamonds
across the sky
where will you step

the mystique of blackness
the whirring hum of
no regrets

Tea Flake Forgiveness


A poem for Friday:

This place is steeped in my regret
A flimsy teabag that can no longer hold up under the hot water of my impetuousness
Exploded a thousand brown flakes of foolishness
Into a china cup, pink rosebuds rimming a creamy perfection
I have tainted with my harsh words
The bitterness of things I can’t unsay
Haunts my silence—
When I said “I’m sorry”
Did I really mean it?
When he accepted that feeble apology
Could he really have forgiven me?

Flakes of misplaced tea leaves catch in my throat
My simple apology
His generous response
Are inadequate to strain out the hurt I saw in his eyes
I would offer a thousand new cups of untarnished tea
If I could. . .
Beg a thousand apologies for my stupidity
If I could erase that pain